Application Posted for Who-Fest [12]

Who-Fest [12] application is now updated.

This year we have also added a handy online application…and you can now pay online too!

And, we have also added a payment plan (we know how tight money is January/February).

We are so excited about the big move to Coolidge Park!


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Save the date: May 12th & 13th, Who-Fest [12]

Big news from Chattanooga. After five years at Renaissance Park, Who-Fest has tentative approval from the City of Chattanooga to move to Coolidge Park for 2012. For those who don’t live here, Coolidge Park is the most popular park in Chattanooga. We will also be moving the date back from Memorial Day Weekend to the middle of May.

As with any major changes, there is a lot to consider (lots of pros and cons). We consulted a number of officials and artists before making the change. All involved unanimously agreed this move will be a big step up for the festival.

So what are the pros and cons?

1) More exposure. As mentioned before, Coolidge is the most popular park in Chattanooga, daily attendance in the summer numbers in the thousands. The park sits directly between the Walnut St and Market St Bridge, directly on the Tennessee River. The Carousel, the Fountain and the Delta Queen make up the “corners” of the park.

2) Earlier date. This was done for a number of reasons. First, we are gambling on somewhat cooler weather (the record high 96 on Sunday was a festival killer this year) Another bonus about Coolidge Park are the taller and more numerous trees create a lot more shade. Second, with the popularity of Coolidge Park for hosting events, it was the best weekend available for April or May. Third, less competition than Memorial Day Weekend (there are a number of major events in the Chattanooga area that weekend). Fourth, better media exposure (more about that in the coming weeks).

3) Fixed Stage. Coolidge Park has permanent stage. This will be great for focusing all our music into one area.

4) More fun for the family. As mentioned above, Coolidge Park has a large fountain that kids can play in and a wonderful 100 year old Carousel.

5) Free Electric Shuttle. Carta has a free shuttle that runs from the Tennessee Aquarium to the NorthShore and right by Coolidge Park.

1) Less “funky”. Along with the step up in moving to Coolidge Park, the “professionalism” of the show will step up too. Renaissance Park was a self-contained park and allowed us to have a little more of a party atmosphere, Coolidge has a few more rules, but don’t worry, we have some great plans to make sure it is still fun for the artists. Who-Fest might be “growing up” a little bit, but that doesn’t mean we are “growing old” (aka boring).

2) Cost. Coolidge Park costs 3x as much to rent at Renaissance (it is so popular, there is a waiting list for events to be scheduled there). Also, with the higher traffic volume (including into the night), we will have to employee quite a bit more security. However, we have done a preliminary budget and we promise that the booth fee will not be increased by more than $30. This is the first time since Who-Fest was moved to Chattanooga that we have increased the entry fee. We work very hard to keep the fees as low as possible.

3) Load In/Out. The best thing about Renaissance was the ability for artists to pull right up to there booth to unload. Unfortunately that is not possible at Coolidge Park. However, the way we have proposed to set up the event will at Coolidge, most of the booths will be within 50 feet of the main road next to the park. We are also working to rent some “Gators” (think: big golf carts with loading beds) and will have extra volunteers to help the artists load and unload. This was one of our biggest concerns (after rental costs), but we feel we will have a great plan of action to make load in/out as easy as possible for the artists.

So, that’s all we have right now. Over the next two months we should have some other major announcements that will help ensure that Who-Fest [12] will be the best Who-Fest ever!

As always, we would love to hear from our friends, patrons and artists. Let us know what you think.

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2011 Exhibiting Artists

Billy Moore Memphis, TN
David Vigo                        Pensacola, FL
Jelly Koe                            Columbia, SC
Ken Pease                        Chatham, IL
Michael Gregg                  Chuckey, TN
Joe Engel                          Jamestown, TN
Crystal Smith                     Newman, GA
Sylvia McAlister                 Mt. Pleasant, TN
Gail Denny                         Delano, TN
Jane Theis                         Melbourne, FL
Tammi Floyd                      Racine, WI
Susan Parry                       Signal Mountain, TN
Melodee Thomas              Metropolis, IL
Ron Thomas                      Metropolis, IL
Hank Holland                     Lockport, LA
Allen Hampton                  Chattanooga, TN
Jim Shores                        Rome, GA
Chris Beck                        Dalton, GA
Ken Ramsey                     Hot Springs, NC
Sam Granger                    Concord, GA
Cap Man Straela              Winterville, GA
Justin Vowell                     Winchester, TN
Emily Allison                      Memphis, TN
Michael Wimmer               Rossville, GA
David Hammock               Arab, AL
Daniel Johnson                 St. Elmo, TN
Michael Jenkins                Chattanooga, TN
CoCo Jenkins                   Chattanooga, TN
Bob McGill                         Nashville, TN
TR Reed                            Chattanooga, TN
Jeanie Holland                  Chattanooga, TN
Marian Heintz                    Chattanooga, TN
Kathy Eroh                         Peoria, IL
Pixie Jacquin                     Peoria, IL
John Reno                          Peoria, IL
Kimberly Dawn                  Myrtle Beach, SC
Dan McCosbe                   Myrtle Beach, SC
Matt Nooga                        Chattanooga, TN
Pete Adkins                       Rossville, GA
Jason Clark                        RInggold, GA
Sandy Hall                          Perry, GA
Suzan Buckner                   Huntsville, AL
Chuck Buckner Hunstville, AL
Brenda Davis                     Prattville, AL
Greg Davis Prattville, AL
Cheryl Reynolds                 Lugoff, SC
Whitney Nave Jones          Chattanooga, TN
Nicole Griffin                       Chattanooga, TN
Debbie Pancake                Chattanooga, TN
SheShe                                Birmingham, AL
Joel Pinkerton                     Louisville, KY
Christina Glidden               Chattanooga, TN
Stephen Graham                Franklin, TN
Linda Holt                            Birmingham, AL
Alyce Speck-Clarke           Atlanta, GA
Athlone Clarke                    Atlanta, GA
Mark Williams                     Athens, GA
Larry Wilson                        Atlanta, GA
Dana McAlister                   Knoxville, TN

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4th Annual Faux Bridges Art & Literature Festival

Who-Fest is still nearly 2 months away, but if you want an early taste of great art and literature in Chattanooga, check out

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Who-Fest [11] Updated Application

A lot of people have already downloaded and sent in the 2010 application (only real changes are the dates).

But, a new 2011 application has now been added. You can either click the application button above, or click HERE

Who-Fest [11] will be the best yet…we have a lot of great additions and surprises for 2011…be sure to keep checking back here for regular updates.

And make sure to friend us on Facebook for updates…Winder Binder Facebook Page

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Quick list of participating artists (with possibly more to follow)

Beth Gumnick
Chris Beck
Charlie Henson
Deb Henson
Charlie Yowell
Suzan Buckner
Charles Buckner
Julia Hedgepath
Kristy Solomon
Lynda Buckels-Stephens
Paul Flack
Deborah Flack
Marissa Percoco
Patrick Ironwood
Christina Glidden
Shane Campbell
Steve Swayne
Whitney Nave Jones
Jane Theis
Emily Allison
T.R. Reed
Daniel Johnson
Pete Adkins
Steven McBryar
Michael Jenkins
Marian Heintz
Larry Wilson
Pixie Jacquin
Cheryl Reynolds
Cher Shaffer
Deona Fish
MJ Villanueva
Ashlea Mayo
David Hammock
Missionary Mary Proctor
Francisco Joseph
Bradley McAlister
Crystal Smith
Steve Kennedy
Kelly Shull
Joe Shull
Brooke Helfen
Ronald Monday
David Goins
Sylvia McAlister

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Who-Fest [10] is less than a month away!

Well folks, Who-Fest is less than a month away and we have a couple of exciting announcements.

1) For the first time, Who-Fest will have four (4) $250 patron awards.

2) For the first time, Who-Fest has an official media partner.  We are very pleased to announce that Brewer Media (3 radio stations, 2 online websites and a weekly entertainment paper) has partnered with Who-Fest.  Over the next 4 weeks, The Pulse (newsprint edition) will have weekly ads (2 weeks, half page – 2 weeks, full page) and the two websites and will have rotating banner ads.  Also, The Pulse radio will feature a number of discussions about the festival.

Brewer Media has been wonderful to spearhead this effort, they share the same vision we do of a first class Folk Art Festival in Chattanooga.

3) For the first time, Who-Fest will have a Friday night “preview party” at Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore (only a block away from the festival site).  $10 at the door to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of East Tennessee (100% of the door money will go to Make-A-Wish).  We will also exhibiting/selling selected works from the artists.  If you are interested in participating, let us know.

If you a patron, please mark your calendars for May 28th through May 30th.

If you are an artist (and haven’t yet applied), there is still some room available.  Click the application link at the top of the page for more info.

Contact Info:
Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore
Attn: David
40 Frazier Avenue
Chattanooga TN 37405

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