Set-Up Day at Renaissance Park!

Well kids, it’s almost here! Who-Fest [09] is still 36 hours away, but for many of the volunteers and artists, Who-Fest really starts tomorrow.

In case you are wondering (artists), Friday set-up starts at 3pm and continues on until 7pm (though if you need to stay later, we are happy to accommodate).

We please ask that you try to not come before then, the Winder Binder staff has a lot of things to do earlier in the day to prep the site, and it is very difficult when also trying to direct traffic. If we get our work finished early, we will open the site earlier, BUT not until we have our own prep work done. Thanks for the understanding!

And while I am here, I wanted to take a moment to say two things….

First, I want to thank Chris Beck for helping me set the stage and tent tonight. It is not an easy task, impossible for someone on their own and Chris took time out from his own Who-Fest preparations and drove from Dalton to help me out. I just wanted everyone to know what a great friend Chris is to do these kinds of things for me.

Second, as I was sitting by myself this evening, looking out of the site, I felt a sense of melancholy pass over me for just a moment and I realized how much I will miss Bucketman this year (for those who don’t know, Danny “the Bucketman” Hoskinson passed on last year and Who-Fest was his last show).

So, to remedy my melancholy mood, I went back to the gallery and made a Milagros Cross…the cross, and my only personal piece of Bucketman art (a backscratcher) will be on display as a small memorial to Danny…it will be in his old booth, a booth space that I have vowed to never fill again. It is Danny’s space and always will be.

God Bless You Bucketman, we love you and miss you terribly.


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