Promotion: Large Banners will be placed on Monday (May 12th)

We have ordered 8 very nice custom vinyl banners to be hung in and around the North Shore.

For those who know the area, we will have 3’x6′ banners in the following locations…

1) at the end of the Oligati Bridge at the Manufacturer’s Road Exit

2) at the main entrance to Renaissance Park

3) at the corner of Manufacturer’s Road and Cherokee Blvd

4) at the secondary entrance to Renaissance Park

5) at the end of the Market Street Bridge (pending approval)

6) at the end of Veteran’s Bridge at Frazier Avenue

We will also have to smaller 3’x4′ banners, we will have them placed at Art ’til Dark the next Saturday’s and then on Who-Fest weekend, we will place one of them at the end of the Walnut Street Bridge and one in Coolidge Park.

Along with these banners, we will also have smaller (11″x17″) “whoman” poster placards (with arrows) that will be placed every 100 feet or so down the sidewalk on Frazier Avenue and in Coolidge park to help direct walking traffic to Renaissance Park.

Images of the vinyl banners can be seen in the “Banner Ads-Poster” Section.

These banners will go up on Monday, April 12th, which give us almost 2 full weeks of exposure on some major traffic routes in Chattanooga.


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